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Final Expense Life Insurance   

A final expense life insurance policy is used to cover expenses that occur at the end of ones life. One example of this is funeral or burial costs. Usually these policies have a low cash value and most of the time are accepted quite easily by the insurance companies, compared with other types of policies such as whole life.

Since an individual cannot do much about the expenses that occur at the end of ones life it is practical that these expenses are planned for in advance. Final expense life insurance is usually used to cover funeral costs and sometimes probate costs. The terms of the policy are flexible and often the insurance can provide cover for expenses if you were to get a terminal disease.

Some expenses associated with burial

1. Hiring a Minister.
2. Casket cost
3. Wake and Visitation cost.
4. Funeral Service cost
5. Cost of Cemetery Plot
6. Hospital bills and last physician costs.
6. Cost of Headstone and Engraving
7. Casket and family transportation cost.
8. Legal fees and probate costs.
9. Mortgage pay-off, car loans, credit cards
10. Outstanding Debts To be paid.
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Costs of Burial 
Eligibility and Requirements 
Tips on Choosing
Here are some of the benefits you
will enjoy

1. Up to $75,000 Immediate death benefits.

2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

3. No medical exam

4. Low Premium Whole Life final expense.

5. Face value will never decrease

6. Policy will never cancel because of age.

7. Low Monthly Premium will never increase.

8. Coverage last for whole life and will never change.

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