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Eligibility requirements of Final Expense Life Insurance

This kind of insurance is available to everyone but the most common buyers are the elderly and those that are very ill or terminally ill. Sometimes it can be difficult for those who are very sick to get other forms of insurance

Final expense policies are often issued on a Guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance policy basis. This means that the life insurance is often issued without the need to answer  a medical exam or without the need to answer any health questions. The consequences of this is that life insurance policies can be a little more expensive than other types of policies such as whole life, but is still very much affordable since they have a low cash value compared to other policies which makes them very much affordable.

Final expense coverage is also often used by those who are high risk or those who are deemed uninsurable. This is often due to certain lifestyle habits or ill health.

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Costs of Burial
Eligibility and Requirements 
Tips on Choosing

Here are some of the benefits you
will enjoy

1. Up to $75,000 Immediate death benefits.

2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

3. No medical exam

4. Low Premium Whole Life final expense.

5. Face value will never decrease

6. Policy will never cancel because of age.

7. Low Monthly Premium will never increase.

8. Coverage last for whole life and will never change.