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Costs of Burial

The cost of the funeral will depend on how lavish one wants the arrangements to be. Costs which must be taken into consideration include a casket or coffin, a burial plot, service, transportation, bouquets and catering. On average a funeral will cost on average between $5000 and $10,000 dollars. Consequently most final expense insurance policies will have a cash value of between $5000 and $50,000.

However, final expense coverage can also be used to cover other items of besides just funeral costs such as if one has been sick or ill for a long period of time it can be used to pay medical bills.

The coverage of this policy is often guaranteed for life and this is irrespective of any changes that might occur in the future such as changes in health or conditions. This stands as long as the holder pays his or her premiums on time and in full.

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Costs of Burial 
Eligibility and Requirements 
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Here are some of the benefits you
will enjoy

1. Up to $75,000 Immediate death benefits.

2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

3. No medical exam

4. Low Premium Whole Life final expense.

5. Face value will never decrease

6. Policy will never cancel because of age.

7. Low Monthly Premium will never increase.

8. Coverage last for whole life and will never change.